Brine Shrimp Report

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brine shrimp collecting.

Collected some eggs with our speaker mid January 2012. Got some pretty good ones, but the brine shrimp companies are hitting the shores so heavy these days they don't leave much. Maybe if the lake rises and the open shore decreases they will go back to the boats. Their havest this year (as of mid Jan 1 was way down). Might be just a fun afternoon with the family to visit the GSL, and maybe you can scrape some eggs off the beach(the price to buy will be high this year. You can collect a gallon for free(per person).


Collected May 1 2007. Still abundant shrimp, Many young should provide more adults. Move around to find the highest concentration.

Collected June 2nd. The shrimp population at the pond is decreasing, but the heavy rain on June 6th may bring a new hatch. The boat docks are getting heavy, but a lot was small. The next week or two should be good.


Sept 19th some srimp of various size in the lake. Give them a couple of weeks to grow and they should be plentiful. There is a lot of egg floating on the surface. Don't even think about collecting unless you only need a small ammount. Collecting the thin layer from the surface is time consumming