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Fish Tales 2

Breeding Angelfish

Angelfish have attracted me since I had them as a kid. Breeding them is usually not difficult, and this article will include some interesting similarities to the discus ( including an experiment I conducted with the two).

A few years back I was breeding discus and angels at the same time and I noticed my baby angels grazing on the sides of their parents( like discus babies, but not as extensively). The next batch they had came at the same time one of my discus pairs had babies so I swaped out the discus babies( had to artificially raise these) and let the discus raise the angels. The angel babies ate off the discus sides just like discus do. I did not feed them anything else for two weeks. I have since observed many central and South American cichlids( have not noticed it with African cichlids) babies grazing on their parents( only occasionally, not to the extent of discus).

Back to angel breeding. They pair off and breed fairly easily, even in a community tank. You will notice a pair cleaning and defending a site( usually a vertical surface like a filter tube or plant leaf. An upside down clay pot or discus breeding cone works well. Angels are often good parents, but are easy to raise away from their parents. They need clean warm(80-82) water and live baby brine shrimp( preferred first food, although they would probably eat a powdered flake food.

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