Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah

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What the GSLAS is:

The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society of Utah is a non-profit club dedicated to fresh water fish. This club is for the study and enjoyment of these fish in Utah. Our activities include guest speakers about fishkeeping, fish auctions and socials. We have speakers on as many different fishes as possible. These speakers give presentations on collecting fish in the wild, keeping fish in the aquarium, and breeding freshwater aquarium fish. The club brings in speakers that are well known; and experts in their topic. The club is run by its members with three elected officials: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings. If you like fish you will enjoy attending our meetings in Utah. Club members can also offer advice based on years of fish keeping experience.

The History Of The GSLAS

The GSLAS held it’s first meeting in March of 1994. Brenda Simpson, a very talented breeder of African cichlids; had been in touch with breeders around the country and heard about the clubs they were connected with. Brenda gathered some friends and proposed starting a fish club in Utah. The first officers were: Bob Allen president, Brenda Simpson vice president, and Lee Krogh secretary-treasurer.

On April 25 1996 Brenda was able to bring Ad Konings from Germany to speak at the club. This meeting brought over 100 people and really gave the club a boost.

The club has had many great speakers and members since then. Come see what it’s all about you will be glad you did.




Regular meetings are usually the third Thursday of every month      

Auctions are  held on a Saturday in March and a Saturday in October.

Dates and speakers may change so check back for current information.

Go to the meetings and events calendar for current meeting info.

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