Breeders Award Program

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Breeders Award Program


July 13, 2005


      1. To promote the appreciation and spawning of freshwater fish.
      2. To recognize achievement in the breeding of freshwater fish in a


      3. To share knowledge of freshwater fish care and breeding.
      4. To encourage more members to participate in Great Salt Lake Society

          leadership and activities.


Organization/ Administration:

1.      The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society (GSLAS) Breeders Award Program (BAP) is administered by the Breeders Award Program Committee.

2.      The BAP Committee is chaired by the GSLAS Vice President and includes a minimum of two and a maximum of five additional members, as appointed by the GSLAS leadership; president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. Committee members serve at the discretion of the GSLAS leadership.

3.      To be eligible to serve on the BAP Committee an individual must be current in their GSLAS dues. Failure to pay dues will result in an individual’s dismissal from service on the BAP Committee.

4.      The GSLAS leadership reserves the right to dismiss a GSLAS member from serving on the BAP Committee for just cause, including but not limited to:

·        Non payment of dues

·        Not fulfilling BAP Committee duties   

·        Conduct not deemed appropriate by the GSLAS leadership

·        Not Abiding by GSLAS and BAP Committee duties


5.      The BAP Committee is responsible to maintain and retain all records,         

       information, etc. to validate individual Breeder Award Points and 



6.      Changes/modifications to the BAP Bylaws will be recommended by the BAP      

      Committee to the GSLAS leadership. All changes or modifications to the BAP    

      Bylaws must be approved by a majority vote of the GSLAS leadership.




General Rules:

1.      Fish bred, and offspring raised must be owned by and in the possession of the person submitting a request for BAP for recognition.

2.      Eggs may not be obtained from another source, and then hatched and raised.

3.      Breeding pairs may not be borrowed in order to obtain fry, and the purchase of breeding pairs is not allowed for use in the BAP.

4.      Person submitting fish for recognition must have a current membership in the Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society.

5.      Present a minimum of five healthy offspring between 60 and 120 days old to a general GSLAS meeting.  The BAP encourages that the minimum number of offspring be donated to the club for auction at that meeting. Some fish may receive exception to the minimum upon board approval.

6.      Breeder award points will be awarded only once to an individual for each species.

7.      Species not listed will be awarded points as determined by the BAP committee.

8.      The BAP Committee, with approval of GSLAS leadership may change any of the BAP Bylaw administrations, general rules, specie classes etc. to maintain the BAP, or to resolve unforeseen problems.

9.      All fish submitted for recognition will be subject to visual inspection of the BAP                                           

10.  committee. Any fish found to be unhealthy or defective will not be accepted.


Award categories:

Yearly achievement award:

Each year the person with the most points earned in that year (Aug-July) will be recognized.

A person cannot receive this award for two consecutive years.

Lifetime breeder awards:

Breeder                            50 points

Experienced breeder       100 points

            Advanced breeder          225 points       

            Expert breeder               375 points

            Master breeder              600 points plus qualifying groups

            Grand master breeder 1,100 points plus qualifying groups


Qualifying groups have not yet been established.



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Points System

Breeders Award Program

Points System

Class A: 5 points

Livebearers - species in the following genera:

  • Lebistes (Poecilia) (guppies/Endler’s livebearer) - all species


  • Poecilia (mollies) - all species


  • Xiphophorus (platies and swordtails)


Cichlids - species in the following genera:


  • Cryptoheros - C. nigrofasciatus (convict cichlid)


  • Herotilapia - H. multispinosa (rainbow cichlid)


  • Neolamprologus - N. brichardi
Class B: 10 points

Carp-like fishes - species in the following genera:


  • Bracyhdanio (zebra, pearl, etc. danios) - all species


  • Danio (giant danios) - all species


  • Tanichthys (white clouds) - all species


Labyrinth fish - species in the following genera:


  • Betta - B. splendens

Cichlids - species in the following genera


  • Archocentrus (Cichlasoma) - A. octofasciatus (Jack Dempsey)


  • Hemichromis (jewel cichlids)


  • Herichthys - H. cyanoguttatum (Texas cichlid)

  • Julidochromis

  • Neolamprologus leloupi

  • Neolamprologus multifaciatus


  • Thorichthys - T. meeki (firemouth)


  • Telmatichromis –all species


  • Other substrate spawners not listed elsewhere


Killifish- mop spawning killifish not listed elsewhere


Class C: 15 points
Ancistrus sp.
  •        Bushy nose

Cichlids-species in the following genera:

o       Pterophyllum scalare (angelfish)

o       Aulonocara and other mouth brooding cichlids not listed elsewhere

o       Substrate spawners (including cave and shell) from lake Tanganyika unless listed           elsewhere

o       Apistogramma not listed elsewhere


o       Geophagus not listed elsewhere


Killifish- species in the following genera:


o       Nothobranchius-all species


o       Lampricthys tanganicanus


Rainbows not listed elsewhere

Class D: 20 points

Cichlids- species in the following genera:

o       Neolamprologus: buescheri, ocellatus, similis, speciosus, meleagris

o       Eretmodus cyanostictus

o       Cichliasoma dovii

o       Cyrtocara moorii

o       Enantiopus melanogenys



o       Apistogramma: agassizi, bitaenia, mcmasteri, viejita

Class E: 25 points

Chichlids-species in the following genera:


o       Apistogramma: Gibbiceps, Hoignei, Hongsloi, Iniridae, Nijssenni, Pertensis

o       Neolamprologus nigriventris

Class F: 30 points

Cichlids in the following genera:

o       Symphysodon discus

o       Pterophyllum altum

Class G: 50 points

Fish in this class have not yet spawned in an aquarium without artificial means (hormones). This does not include newly discovered species not yet classified by the BAP Committee.

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