Welcome to the Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society

>November 17th - Semi Annual Auction!!!

Come out and join us for our semi annual auction. Free to the public anyone can come and buy and sell. Doors open at 11:30 AM and the auction starts at 1:00 PM. Come early to take a look at what everyone is selling. Bring out your extra fish, plants, shrimp and equipment. This is how we fund our club and bring in speakers from out of town so come out and get some fish that you won't find in box stores and help support your local club. Details about the auction and how it works are under the auction info tab. If you have questions click the contact us and it will take you to our Facebook page from there you can send us a message or join our community page.

Annual Official Fish Club Business Meeting

In December we have a vote for who is going to be in the presidency for next year. We also go over future plans and issues that may arise for the club. We also discuss presenters that we want to try to get for the next year. so if you have an idea on who you would really like to see or a subject you want to learn about from a professional come and let us know.