Welcome to the Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society

>September 27th Live Food Culturing

October 25th we will be presenting on a wide variety of fish. Our intent is to introduce everyone to fish they may not have kept before, and to give you some basics on their care and aggression levels. We are really limited in the selection of fish available (especially north of Salt Lake), but there are easy ways to get almost any fish you want to try. Presentation and answering any questions. There are so many different fish to keep, you should never get bored.

Keeping Fish not found at Big box stores

November 17th Semi Annual Auction! Come out and join us for our semi annual auction. Our big auctions happen on Saturday exact details will be coming soon. Bring out your extra fish, plants and equipment. This is how we fund our club and bring in speakers from out of town so come out and get some fish that you wont find in box stores(Petco and Petsmart) and help support your local club. Details about the auction and how it works are under the auction info tab.