What's going on with the GSLAS ?

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Current events

Important news!

Now meeting at the garden center building at 1602 e 2100 s in Salt Lake. the building is on the north-east corner of the park. Head east on 2100 south and turn right into the parking lot on the corner of the park. 

Our next meeting will be Gary Lange on February 25 at the Garden Center building at sugarhouse park. He will be presenting on rainbow fish. I will post some info if you want to pre order fish and he will bring eggs with fry food and instructions to auction at the meeting.

Fish availible

To order fish contact gary at: gwlange(at) sbcglobal.net Please let him know by Feb 23rd  if you want something so that he can stop feeding them and get them ready for shipping.

 Melanotaenia garylangei – Formerly M. species “Dekai” The Golden Rainbow 

Unsexed ¾ - 1 inch 7/$40              3 groups available


 Ps gertrudae  Aru II – $30/trio    yellow form 3 groups available breeding size


 Melanotaenia papuae –  unsexed ¾-1”     6/$25 2 groups available


 Melanotaenia boesemani “Aytinjo” From the village of Aytinjo on Lake Uter F-xx ~ 1.5” breeding size

$30/trio               2 trios available


 Melanotaenia praecox “Pagai” F-2 ~ 1”    $32/2 pairs          2 groups available


Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis unsexed ~ 3/8th  inch unsexed 6/$15  4 groups available.

1 3/4th  cup of sea salt per 5 gallons (SG 1.014-1.017) is really needed to keep this fish happy, healthy and producing eggs.  You don’t really have to worry about “cycling” a tank like you would for salt water either, these guys are pretty much bullet-proof.  They eat live baby brine shrimp which stays alive and quite happy in this salty environment.  A hydro-sponge filter and a good tight lid to keep the salt in the tank is all you need. Feed adults and babies live baby brine shrimp and that’s all there is to raising and keeping this fish.  Easiest Pseudomugil and probably easiest rainbowfish if you are smart enough to use salt.


March 12 will be our big spring auction so get some fish ready to sell. Come support the club.
We also want to thank Nic and his family for their support by letting us use their nice meeting room. Their facility is top notch so if your company needs a quality spot for meeting or presentations call them At the Iberra-Brito centre.


February 25 will be Gary Lange. He will bring some rare rainbowfish eggs and fish for sale. He just recently had a new species of rainbowfish named after him(maybe he will bring those!!!!


March 12-Big Auction at the garden center building. Get those fish breeding and support the club.


Rusty has a new talk for June.


Mike Helwig is coming in September.



Thanks for supporting your club. Your help and ideas are always encouraged.

I have set up a facebook page under The Great Salt Lake Aquarium Society(can anyone help me figure out how to tag it so people can search GSLAS and have it come up?). Like the site and post fish stuff and possitive club suggestions.