What's going on with the GSLAS ?

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Current events


  Our next meeting will be on June 26th. Doors open at 6:00pm, bidding starts at 7:00pm(come early to view fish for sale and to get a bidder number). If you are selling fish please arive early so you will be ready by auction time. Also, remember for evening auctions, do not bring more than three bags of the same fish(we don't want to be there until midnight selling the same fish for a quarter).


An evening auction. A conflict came up for our June speaker so we will not have a June 12th meeting. Our July meeting conflicts with this years ACA(Nic and Tony will be gone) so we are doing the annual BAP auction in June. 

                                      Anyone can bid, and minimum bids are allowed( they should be written on the bag). Bags will be availible. Anyone can sell (50% split if not a club member, 70% of bid price to seller if a member).



 Meting Location

The Iberra-Brito Centre at 438 e. 200 s. in SLC. is really easy to find, and it is very comfortable and spacious.

 August will be a social and possible a fish hatchery tour(date to be announced).                                                                                                                                                                                          September is Mike Hellweg(one of the most accomplished fish breeders in the world, very in demand and hard to get).

October 11 Fall auction. 


January 2015 I know this one is a long ways off but we don't know how much longer we will be able to get  Add Konings!!!!! so tell everybody to come see a fish world legend while you can.


More details to follow